What is the Fit Shack?

Fit Foodie’s mission to be a helpful wellness resource for women, whether it’s through fitness classes, healthy eating, or inspiration.

So with that mission in mind, I created a convenient, inexpensive online collection of workouts, healthy recipes, and meal prep templates, to help you organize and customize the results you are seeking.

I call it the Fit Shack.


What’s included?

Our online collection includes workout training videos, 50+ customizable recipes, weekly meal prep plans, and more.


Most of the items are printable PDF’s and videos, but some of them are word documents which allow for more versatility and customization.

I add new items to the Fit Shack 3 times a month, so the collection is always growing.

Out of all of the different aspects of my business, the Fit Shack is an accessible, simple way to help women achieve their fitness and wellness goals.