Eat Like Me, or Pretend to at Least....

I am in maintenance mode which means I follow the 80/20 or sometimes the 90/10. That means that 80-90% of the time I am on point and the rest I indulge. It creates a happy balance in my life. Not too restrictive but keeps me in check. Typically weightless you should focus 90/10 and maintenance 80/20.

I made this recipe up and thought I would share the yummy picture with everyone, either to inspire or maybe you want to make them. The full recipe can be found on my FFIT Shack along with other yummy recipes that I make all the time and some home workouts that can be done anywhere!


Why Pilates?

We live in a world where we must treat exercise as a necessity. Sure, we may all be interested in different forms of working out. Powerlifting, running, swimming, biking, intervals, walking, strength training, yoga, barre, Zumba, stripping or sex. However, we spend a good part of our day sitting with rounded shoulders. Then we expect our bodies to perform the way we want them to, more often than not resulting in injury. 

Pilates movements are based on centering and stabilizing the torso. When we strengthen this area it then transfers power to the limbs, arms and legs and also decreases stress to the ligaments and joints. Pilates is probably the best foundational workout you will ever get, this is something that you MUST add into your routine. I guarantee you will feel amazing and your body will perform so much better in your workouts and your day to day life.

 At the moment I am offering a 20% off by April 20th if you join FFIT Camp and my mat Pilates classes in the month of May. Pilates Starts April 30th, at my home from 10:00-10:45am. Come and change the way your feel and look.


This two letter word is on of the reasons we prevent ourselves from accomplishing our goals. I hear this daily, “I didn’t have the time.” You have the time, time is what you make it. So really you should be responding with, “It wasn’t a priority.” Then you are being honest with yourself, and honesty can make or break your goal setting. A lot of times the reason why we feel like we don’t have the time, comes down to poor time management, prioritization and that two letter word, NO!

In the years that I have been training I have met some incredible people, people who tend to put themselves last which creates inconsistency and then frustration for not seeing and feeling their results. I hear about how unhappy they are but with one little two letter word, they can find happiness. Learning to say NO can change your world.

Follow these the next time you are in a situation where you really should just say NO!

  • Keep your response simple. If you want to say no, be firm and direct. Use phrases such as “Thanks for coming to me but I’m afraid it’s not convenient right now” or “I’m sorry but I can’t help this evening.” Try to be strong in your body language and don’t over-apologize. Remember, you’re not asking permission to say no.

  • Buy yourself some time. Interrupt the ‘yes’ cycle, using phrases like “I’ll get back to you,” then consider your options. Having thought it through at your leisure, you’ll be able to say no with greater confidence.

  • Consider a compromise. Only do so if you want to agree with the request, but have limited time or ability to do so. Suggest ways forward to suit both of you. Avoid compromising if you really want or need to say no.

  • Separate refusal from rejection. Remember you’re turning down a request, not a person. People usually will understand that it is your right to say no, just as it is their right to ask the favor.

  • Don’t feel guilty for saying no to your children. It is important for them to hear no from time to time so that they develop a sense of self-control. It is hard to negotiate adult life without this important skill. Rather than cave in to their protests, let them know who is in charge by setting boundaries.

  • Be true to yourself. Be clear and honest with yourself about what you truly want. Get to know yourself better and examine what you really want from life.


Why Group Fitness Works

Here are 7 reason why group training is SO important…

COMMUNITY: We all want to be a part of something, when we work together to achieve the same goals we strengthen the community that we are all a part of which makes us feel valued.

MENTAL WELL BEING: Maybe you struggle with depression or a stressful home or work situation. Exercising as we all know releases endorphins and endorphins make you happy! Consistently exercising will keep those endorphins going and in turn happiness is what you will have achieved.

ACCOUNTABILITY: We all rely on each other to hold each other up and make sure we follow through with what we signed up to do.

STRUCTURE: How many times have you stared in front of the mirror at the gym or stared at your mat with nothing coming to mind. Joining a group workout with a trainer who structures the workouts to hit all areas of the body is not only the most effective way of getting it done but also the correct way.

SUPPORT: When someone is having a hard time with life we listen while we sweat, we have the opportunity to make life long bonds through group exercise.

MOTIVATION: Some are more competitive than others but at the end of the day when someone is working hard that energy is shared and naturally pushes us to work harder.

FUN: FFIT camp workouts are different than any other workout which is what makes them fun, that and we get to listen to loud music and say FUCK a lot.

Join the FUN starting Jan 7th for 4 weeks. Monday and Wednesday 11am and 6pm. Kids welcome!

See ya Monday,