What are they saying?

My clients are the #1 reasons why I do what I do. Seeing them happy, confident, and in control is what wakes me up and encourages me to keep going every day. Find out what they have to say about my services below!


1. So if you know me well, you know that...I HATE to workout or exercise. I've always said that I'm allergic to exercise. Well, that's because whatever exercise I did since probably age 25 hurt my back like crazy!!! I thought that was just part of the "no pain, no gain" crap & honestly didn't like it. So, I didn't exercise. With 3 kids, its really not cool to go up the stairs and be winded, not be able to play on the playground with kids and be so fatigued all the time!

I decided I HAD to make a change. Half of my life may be behind me and I want to be able to have more energy for my kids!!! My neighbor is a certified fitness trainer and I asked myself, "How much easier can it be to just walk across the street to the "gym"?"

I met with Dana McCoy a few months ago and I shared my goals with her 1.) have more energy 2.) better cardio shape 3.) lose some weight around hips and waist, while not having to eat like a bird. I let her know my concerns of the serious back pains and how I honestly refuse to EVER do push ups;) She's still respected that last request!

After working out with her a few times, I realized I really wasn't allergic to exercise, I hated the pain I felt from it. She has been able to tailor my workouts to ME. Novel idea, I know. This is why group classes don't work for me and why I'm so glad I decided to do 1:1 personal training with Dana.

BEST PART: I have so much energy for my kids. I feel less stress from work, I feel like I'm doing something for myself, not others (us moms do a lot of that) AND I've lost 2 INCHES from my hips and probably some Ibs, but I don't care about those #'s!! My jeans are baggier and today I had to tighten my belt 2 more notches!!

Check out Dana's website & give personal training a try if you're stuck in a rut like me!!!! You'll even find some great recipes on her awesome blog!!!!




3. I can't remember the month that I first joined your boot camp series at Parkside. I do remember that I was tired of being tired and looking for a way to jumpstart my fitness routine. Prior to the long journey I took to have children, I was completely into sports. I played league volleyball and softball, I ran all the time, and I even participated in several sprint triathlons. Then life happened and priorities changed without any conscience thought. After my second daughter was born, I tried to get back into working out, but she was SO clingy and I fought so hard to have her that I allowed myself to indulge her (and others') ridiculous demands instead of taking better care of myself.
Seeing the email offering an opportunity to join a boot camp IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD was the incentive that I needed. Devoting one hour for working out a few blocks away from home was PERFECT. (Even if I work out in my garage, I have little people running into me with tricycles or playing with blocks underneath me, so it isn't exactly ideal for me.) My husband could even bring the girls by the pool if they got a bit anxious wondering why Mommy dared to leave them.

Then something wonderful happened. I started feeling better. Much better. I no longer needed an afternoon caffeine fix to make it through the day. I also noticed how much harder I could work if I ate certain foods, so I began cooking and feeding my family differently. I admit, when you ask if I would like to go up in weight, my mind always says 'NO!', but I make myself answer 'I can try' because I trust your professional judgement, and I often surprise myself. I love not knowing what the workout will be each day. This keeps me from getting bored and thinking I can just stay at home and do the workout on my own. I also crave the time away from home, taking care of myself. By the time the stupid neighborhood association asked that the community center no longer be used for your boot camp, I was already hooked. Yes, I can work out at home or at the gym, but I recognize that I'm at a point where I need (and appreciate) the extra encouragement, and that's what your FFIT camp series does for me.

So you may have intended for your FFIT camp to whip people in shape, but that's not all it does. For me, it has helped me recognize the importance of 'me' time. The world won't fall apart because I take an hour to exercise without my children in tow. It has helped me to let go of the pressures at work, at least for a little while. Also, noticing an increase in strength just feels good. Of course it doesn't hurt when the numbers on the scale start trending downward.

I seriously tried to come up with some constructive criticism, but I don't have any (unusual for me). Workouts vary and are challenging enough for the beginner (as I was) and are even challeging for those who have worked out for a little while. I haven't found that I need to go try something else to get past any plateaus. In fact, I'm a bit of a boot camp snob after attending the one at my job and finding it boring and not much of a challenge. The length is good, the stretching is good, you put up with Michael Jackson...what else can I say? Thanks for turning your passion into a business that provides a great service to those willing to change themselves.

Hope this isn't too long.


4. Just wanted to thank you too for your dedication to personal training.

I just moved to a new house and among the many blessings that this move has brought to my life is Dana.

Her FFIT Camp is just 3 blocks from my house and 4 wks ago I started my 1st session.

Even though I have bad knees and a hurt shoulder, she encourages me to do what I can giving me modifications so that I can achieve my goals. Each session is different and she keeps us moving. After just 4 wks of her boot camp, I have lost 6 lbs and 2.5 inches!!!

I am so thrilled! And that is without really dieting. I continue to eat healthy and occasionally indulging in some sweets.

I have also gained strength and mobility in my hurt shoulder!

I’m now excited about the next session because this one will get me through the holidays without the extra weight gain.

Dana is truly a great addition to my new life!


5. First of all, let me say that I'm so glad to have found you! It works so well for me that you are close and your 30 minute workouts are usually easy to fit into my schedule. I am impressed that you are so organized and really design workouts for me personally. It makes me feel good to be trying to stay in shape, I realize how important it is for me to be able to stay healthy and enjoy life, you are helping me with that. Most people my age take pills for something or have health complaints, I am so lucky that I don't. Having said that, I want to keep it that way. Since I've been working out with you I have noticed that some of my pants are a little looser, haven't lost a lot of weight but I am sure there are some inches gone - I don't measure that like I used to when I was young, going by look and feel now! By the progress in being able to do some exercises that I couldn't when I started, I'm sure I'm stronger and I like that. I have confidence that you wouldn't ask me to do anything that would hurt me and I appreciate it.

I enjoy my workouts with you even when they're tough!! I like you. Let's continue to work on my fat rolls, I hide them pretty well but they need to be gone.


6. Since 2012 I have had two major surgeries. I was out of shape and had no energy to strengthen myself physically. However, In early August I saw an ad for Dana’s FFIT camp and I decided to try it out. Just from August to now I have seen my body develop and muscles and have noticed a huge decline in my stress level and a great amounts of my energy restored. I never thought I would ever look forward to go to a class that requires physical activity but Dana’s FFIT Camp has made exercising challenging yet enjoyable! I especially enjoy that each class is different! I always can look forward to a different challenge every time. I have also learned many exercises that I can do while making dinner, watching TV, or waiting in line at the stores. I never thought that in two years I would be where I am now with my physical ability or health! I look forward in this new year to challenge myself more and continue to see my muscles grow!


7. I'm a 43 year old guy. I never really paid too much attention to what I ate (meaning I ate lots of junk) but stayed pretty thin. I would go to the gym but not consistently and when I did go I would spend more time trying to figure out what to do than actually doing something. My wife found Dana and started her FFIT camps in May. I had started to gain some weight and really wanted to try and get serious about getting into better shape. I started FFIT camps in June and added weekly one on one sessions about a month or so later. Dana is phenomenal. I have never met someone so passionate and excited about what she does and about wanting to help people succeed. Since working with Dana in weekly FFIT camps and one on one sessions, I've lost the extra weight I had put on and seen significant increase in my overall strength. Dana has also taught me more new exercises than I can count and, more importantly, shown me how to put them together into workouts that I can replicate in the gym. Now when I go to the gym, I have a plan and I spend my time working out and getting results. I've also started paying more attention to what I eat since working with Dana. She has an amazing outlook on food and diet that is realistic and attainable so you don't feel like you have to starve yourself. I'm so grateful that I found Dana to help me on my journey to getting healthier. Thanks for the last six months and I can't wait to see what you have coming up in the new year!


8. Dana is truly inspirational. She never makes me feel bad if I have to stop to catch my breath or recenter; instead she always focuses on what I have done and accomplished. I know my form isn't perfect, but Dana makes me feel like my effort is... and that keeps me motivated.


9. My story begins like so many others out there. I knew I needed to lose weight and I tried everything out there. When I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING, but nothing ever stuck and the weight would come back with a vengeance. I would go to the gym but would spend more time going over what the heck I should do then actually working out that I just gave up.

It was almost 2 years since I had worked out with any regularity and I was at my heaviest weight and just plain depressed. I kept seeing these emails from Dana that I don’t even remember signing up for about coming and joining her boot camps. Normally, I would just ignore them, but for some reason one caught my eye and I reached out to her. I was at a very low point in my health and I thought what the hell, I’ve tried everything else why not this.

I really didn’t know what to expect, but to my surprise it was AWESOME and so much fun. At first, I couldn’t even do a single sit up or really half the stuff the others in the class could do, but Dana never made me feel like it was a problem. I was dying within 15 minutes into the workout, but I loved Dana’s energy and quirkiness that I came back, again and again.

After about a month of boot camp, I realized that I needed more individual help to obtain my goals. We began our one on ones and she of course had me dying again within 30 minutes of the first session. I have worked with trainers in the past and quickly got bored with the workouts so that I just gave up on them and myself, but not with Dana. Her workouts are so versatile and just plain fun that I find that I enjoy working out and look forward to all of our sessions. I even get bummed out when I can’t make one.

Dana has taught me so much about portion control, what type of foods to avoid, and endless amounts of workouts that I have lost 35 pounds in eight months and have kept it off. I have not been starving myself nor do I feel guilty if I do eat that piece of birthday cake, because Dana has made me realize that it’s okay to enjoy food, especially the right kinds of food. The best part is that everyone in my family, from my 10 year old daughter to my husband, now works out with Dana so I even have a built in support system at home too.

Dana’s training is an integral part of my weight loss success and I know I would not be where I am today without the person behind all the training. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Dana the person, who makes time for you and will work with you in a realistic sense to obtain your goals. I know that there is no magic pill to get healthy and lose weight but working out with Dana is the next best thing in my opinion.

Thank you Dana for everything and I can’t wait to see what this year brings!


10. I have been training with Dana for about 6 months and I am so happy to have found a trainer that can use her knowledge of fitness to meet my unique individual needs.
Dana has helped me to work on my goals of consistency, strength training, and maintaining my health. She has come to know my health condition and designs my workouts to accommodate how my body is feeling. She is able to provide me with challenging workouts that fit me.

Dana knows that not every session for every person is to burn as many calories as possible. She tracks and supports YOUR fitness and health goals. She is a pleasure to train with! -Thanks!


11. I wanted to say thank you this morning. Thanks for helping me brush off the dust and crustiness and start my journey back to being in shape!


12. My daughter and I love Dana's weekly fitness classes. After just 4 weeks, we are both stronger, more fit, and motivated to exercise between classes. Dana is encouraging, committed, and makes exercise fun!


13. Truth be told, she is amazing but I wanted to die. I am 40, going through a divorce and out of shape. I came back and within a week, I could make it through the work out and within 3 weeks, my body was transforming into something completely different. I come back every week because I am feeling healthier and love the results. Did I mention that she is an amazing cook and has helped me with my diet?


14. Dana is the most knowledgeable and effective personal trainer I have ever worked with. I came to her with an injury that has caused me pain for years, and within a very short time frame, I am no longer in pain. She has helped me formulate an exercise plan that fits well into my daily schedule and a dietary plan that is simple and easy to follow. Within a short time frame of working with Dana, I have seen and felt major results. Overall, I feel like a happier and healthier Mom for my family. I would highly recommended Dana to anyone I meet. I only wish I had met her sooner.

-Cara Massey

15. I first started out with Dana because I needed a change on this 58 year old body! I’d get up in the morning after not sleeping well, and have to shake my hands and feet awake!! I was fearful I wouldn’t do well and keep up, but her encouragement and reassurance was so positive and helpful, she made me feel as if I could do it all! And now I do! Workouts with Dana are the highlight of my week and I terribly miss them when life or work gets in the way. Always positive, and ever helpful I’m blessed to have her as my Trainer and now count her as Friend. My energy level has increased two fold, I feel better physically and mentally!! And It’s fun to Boot!! Thank you Dana for putting up with all the moaning and groaning and making me better all the way around!!


16. I have been working with Dana for the past 3-4 months and already I have seen amazing results! I was able to shed those last 10 lbs that are always hard to get rid of after having two kids, and I feel so much stronger. Her energy is infectious and she really makes sure to cater workouts to your individual goals. I have really enjoyed working with Dana and would recommend her to anyone looking to make a positive change in their lives.


17. I think it was 3-4 years ago that my mother in law would tell me you live so close to my trainer you should try out her boot camp sometime. I would just think I can work out on my own because I have the equipment at home. Well of course that never happened. Dana always kept me on her email list so I would get emails over and over and just look at them thinking maybe I should try to go but I always had excuses. In December of 2014 I received an email and I was planning a trip to Mexico with my husband for his best friend’s wedding April 2015. I knew tons of our friends would be there and we would be living in our bathing suits for 8 days. With that being said I sent an email to Dana that I wanted to start training with her. I started training and of course it was hard at first because I was out of shape. But I never gave up because I had a goal in three months I wanted to reach and if I did I would never get the body I wanted. I wanted to be lean and lose weight. During this time I got so addicted to her workouts and the way I felt I went from two days a week, three days, then four. No lie by the end of three months my body was banging and I felt confident going to Mexico. I had never gotten so many compliments about how I looked before we left for Mexico and when I got to Mexico. Hands down I could have never done this without Dana. She is knowledge with exercises depending on your body type, meal planning that are easy and convenient, and most of all easy to talk to when you have a good day or bad day.

I currently just found out I am pregnant at first I was really worried to work out during pregnancy because you always think it could risk hurting the baby or you just do not feel good enough. Dana has been great at changing my workouts and being knowledgeable enough to make sure we are doing pregnancy workouts that are healthy for the baby. The days I am not feeling well she is so great at just listening to me and giving positive feedback.

I got to say I am so glad that I have found Dana and gave her a chance she has helped me change my life to become healthier in eating, be more confident with my looks, and change the way my body looks. I love on my days off from Dana that she has tools for me online. Such as exercises, grocery lists, and meals.

I have tried other trainers in the past and hands down I recommend Dana. She loves what she does and she cares about each person she helps. Taking the first step is the hardest but when you do you will be grateful you did.


18. Let’s start at the beginning. I moved into my house 3 years ago. Shortly after we moved in, a family moved in next door. Out the front door walks a beautiful, skinny woman holding her baby. I immediately don’t like her. Can’t help it people! I begin judging. My son is older than hers. I should be skinnier than her! Damn her and her blond hair, flat stomach, and tight ass! Then to top it all off, she’s a personal trainer! Great. That’s just great. There is no hope that she’ll gain some weight sitting at home eating bon bons. Ugh.

Fast forward a little bit and I decide she’s not that bad. We hang out and the boys play. What I love about Dana is that she doesn’t push her healthiness on you. But in her own sly way, she makes you rethink what you are eating and how active you are. I decide to try her FFIT camp. She kicked my ass. I said a lot of inappropriate words and called her some not nice names. I couldn’t sit down gracefully on the toilet for a week. Seriously! I plopped down. My poor body was like, What are you thinking?!? I stuck it out and finished the series. But I stopped. The group thing just wasn’t my scene. Then this past January I was staring at myself in the mirror, hating everything I saw. I hated my body. I hated what I had become. I had always said that I’m not fat, just fluffy. I couldn’t get away with that anymore. I decided something has to change. So I decided to do one on one workouts with Dana.

I’ve been working out with Dana since January. I see her 3 times a week for 30 minutes. The first couple times I went, I couldn’t walk...for days. People at work were like,Why are you doing this to yourself? Why are you walking funny? I’m not going to lie. I wanted to quit. But every night, there is that damn mirror showing me a reflection I hate. I can’t avoid it. Trust me, I tried. Slowly, my body got use to the torture it went through 3 times a week. I started to get stronger. Just when I would think This isnt so bad. Dana would change something. Start working out some other muscles that I didn’t know I had! She keeps me on my toes. There are days (mostly every time I work out with her) that I end our session and say We are not friends today. And we really won’t be friends tomorrow when everything is sore! But I start noticing my clothes feeling looser. I have to tighten up my belt another notch. Yea motivation!! I begin to work my schedule around working out. Making sure I make time for me. That’s a huge deal! I don’t know why but women always put everyone else first. I changed that. Now for the big change...the dreaded food log.

Dana decides I need to change my food habits. My reaction: Seriously? Now I’m going to be starving and sore!?! Not really. I was shocked. When you start writing down what you eat and someone else looks at it. You start making better choices. Dana has taught me a lot about nutrition and how to cook without a recipe! I’m OCD. A pinch of this, is not how I roll. I have finally gotten past that. I made a stir fry without a recipe! And this was after Dana kicked my ass for 30 minutes! Huge accomplishment!

And now we have hit the dreaded plateau. I’ve lost 3 inches, a few pounds (I don’t keep track of that) and I am WAY stronger and healthier. I knew I had hit the plateau. Things weren’t changing. Dana gives me the this happens to everyone speech. I know. I know. And then she seriously kicks my ass. She’s making me sprint between each exercise. She has increased weights on me and has really pushed me! I’m dying at the end of my workouts

Instead of getting discouraged and upset, I’m now looking forward to the challenge. I even bought a FitBit to hold myself accountable when I’m not with Dana. Another huge accomplishment for me! I’m eating healthier and exercising regularly.

The bottom line: Dana’s workouts work. She changes it up EVERYTIME! You are never bored. She will push you until you think you can’t make it. Then she pushes your more. You end your workout being a hot, sweaty mess. And you come back for more because it works! You will see results. You will change your life for the better! I’m so happy that skinny bitch moved in next door. Go visit her. You will be happy you did.


19. Growing up, I was not athletic and coordination has not ever been my friend, I can trip just thinking about walking... I was always fortunate in that I had been thin my entire life, pre-children, post-children, pre-husband (post husband.. lol) I was just naturally thin then my 41st birthday hit and BOOM, weight gain was my lovely gift, the gift that kept on giving! It was then that I started working out. One day here, ten days off. The days I would workout were a halfhearted attempt and most likely the result of eating the triple cheese enchilada plate accompanied by mucho tequila... I’ve had trainerS, I’ve had membershipS, I’ve tried fad dietS, you name it, I’ve tried it and nothing changed. Then, one day, I was perusing FB and wandered from one site to the next, not really reading anything, just acting out of habit and I happened upon Dana’s page. With great hesitation I reached out and made an appointment for 1:1 training and worked harder than I ever thought possible. I left in pain, wanting to puke, kinda hating Dana (sorry Dana), and vowed to not go back. BUT I kept going back. This past year has been a mental shift for me. I now eat to feed my body, not to lose weight. I now workout for ME, not to look good for someone else. And I’ve learned, ALOT. I’ve learned that when you are healthy, your body will do what it’s meant to do. I have changed, mentally and physically. I’m stronger, I believe in myself. The creativity, knowledge and passion that Dana has for what she does is unsurpassed. I would not be where I am today without her challenging me and pushing me to push myself. The workouts are amazing and no two are ever the same, I never know what I’m walking into. She is an invaluable part of my life and fitness journey and I look forward to continuing to learn and grow with her. If you’re on the fence, I encourage you to just try, take that first step, then that second, then third. A year from now you’ll look back and be so happy you did!

I now know that it was Kismet that led me to her page

Kismet: a power that is believed to control what happens in the future


20. Three years ago I walked past a neighbor's yard and noticed a sign advertising the owner as a personal trainer. I wrote the number down and tucked it away once I made it home. A few weeks later, cleaning out a drawer, I found the number and decided to call. That was one of the best calls I have ever made.

Dana not only introduced me to a new way of working out, but also to a fantastic group of individuals all working toward the same goal: to get healthy, to get in shape; and to get strong. In addition, she has taught me to see food in a different way, and how to try to prioritize my health in my busy life.

I don't always get it right, but Dana never gives up. Her consistency, her love of what she does, her belief in everyone that she works with shows through every day. Her classes are fun, they are tough, and they work. Her one-on-one sessions are even tougher, but extremely rewarding. Her knowledge of all things nutrition is invaluable.

Thanks Dana for being a fantastic trainer, a great neighbor and an awesome friend!


21. I have been training with Dana for over 2 years. Not only has she helped me lose weight and inches, and keep it off, she’s also been instrumental in helping with my nutritional goals and rehabing through a difficult back related injury. Her program incorporates both stength and cardio which has been critical to my success. I cannot recommend her enough!


22. When I joined my first FFIT camp, I figured it would be one 4 week class to get me back into exercising regularly & I would be done. Well, that was 6 months ago FFIT camps are a group of likeminded, health focused friends that have encouraged and motivated me to achieve my goals. I was very insecure starting at such a beginner level, but the group is so welcoming & absolutely hysterical. Dana is incredibly passionate about what she does and keeps each workout dynamic and upbeat. Each sessions is structured in a way that allows you to individually tailor the exercises while still being involved in a supportive group environment. I actually look forward to working out each week, which is something I truly did not ever think I would say.


23. Dana is not only a wonderful trainer, she is a wonderful person. She truly cares about her clients, she listens and is an amazing motivator! I’m thrilled to have found Dana and I’ll shout from the rooftops that anyone looking to get healthy should reach out to Dana!